Yin Wi

Yin Wi

Shadow Rat Guardian (Yin Wee)

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Shadow Rat Guardian

Conquering this world is going to be a blast

—Yin Wi

Yin Wi is the Guardian of the Shadow Rat and The Emperor's sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yin Wi has yellow eyes as well as two parts of blue hair that come down to her chest. She has a ponytail which resembles a rat tail. She wears blue armor with green accents.

Powered UpEdit

When powered up, she grows purple "horns" that are attached to the back of her head and form two patches that surround her eyes and go down her cheeks. She grows sharp teeth but her clothing stays the same except for the colors being reversed.


1000 years ago, she was trapped in the Spirit World by the Golden Dragon from that time, however, in The Temple Of The Shadow Dragon Part 2 she was revived by the Emperor Of The Darkest Yin. Also, in Friend Or Foe, an attempt was made to trap her back in the Spirit World but it failed. It has been said that Yin Wi and her brother were in charge of the universe eons ago.

Power bandEdit

Her Power band and Gem are purple, along with an engraving of a Rat on the Gem.


Who dares enter my Shadow Temple!

—Yin Wi

Yin Wi's Temple is located in a hut which is on top of a mountain. There is a large statue of a Rat in the center and the Temple is scattered with several fire torches as well as wooden pillars. 1000 years ago, the Golden Dragon of the time covered the entrance with concrete so Yin Wi couldn't escape, however, it was destroyed by The Emperor in order to re-summon her. In Friend Or Foe, her temple was reduced to rubble after The Emperor tried to kill Ang and Ling by making the Temple plunge down onto them but failed resulting in the destruction of the Shadow Rat Temple.



She has the ability to shape shift, however, unlike Ming, she can fully turn into anything she desires, even without a distinct feature showing.

Yin Wi Ming

Yin Wi shape shifting into Ming, after turning into a cloth

Enhanced SensesEdit

Since Yin Wi is the Shadow Rat Guardian, it is extremely likely that she possesses the ability of Enhanced Senses.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Being a Temple Guardian, Yin Wi has superior strength compared to other Temple Guardians and humans. Even possessing strength when unempowered.

Yin Wi Fight

Yin Wi as Ling (left) fights Ling!

Enhanced AgilityEdit

Yin Wi was able to perform several gymnastic, athletic and martial art implements with ease.

Yin Wi Agility

Yin Wi as Ling


Yin Wi was able to know the history between Ling and Ming, however, it is unknown if this is an ability achieved when she shape shifts into someone.

Rat ClairvoyanceEdit

Yin Wi was able to use a Rat to remotely view what it could see in order to spy on The Golden Dragons.

Yin Wi Look

Deforming and ReformingEdit

Yin Wi can disperse her body into smaller particles and then reattach herself when she desires, also, she can teleport when she deforms and ends up reforming when she gets to her desired destination.


Yin Wi was able to throw icicles towards K Ho and Ang with her mind and without actually touching them.

Yin Wi yhrow

Yin Wi throwing icicles telekinetically

Powerblast ProjectionEdit

Yin Wi demonstrates that she can make power blasts which she can project towards other people to knock back and harm them.

Jul 05, 2015 18-37

Yin Wi projecting power blasts towards Ang and Ling

Tentacle GenerationEdit

Yin Wi is able to generate tentacles from her hands which she uses to grip, hold and constrict enemies.

Tentacle Boy

Yin Wi holding Robbie with her tentacle

Rat Mimicry (Possibly)Edit

All Temple Guardians at some point in their life have to go through the 12-hour cycle in which they turn into their specified animal for their band to rejuvenate. However, it is unknown whether this applies with the Shadow Bands. When and if Yin Wi's time comes, she will possibly turn into a rat.

Corrupt DetectionEdit

All Shadow Temple Guardians possess the ability to sense Yin energy.


Like all other Temple Guardians, Yin Wi can teleport.

TEl Rat

Yin Wi Teleporting

Rat ManipulationEdit

Seeing that Yin Wi is The Guardian of The Shadow Rat Temple, it is extremely likely that she can control all Rats.

Rat PhysiologyEdit

Most of these powers come under Rat Physiology, Yin Wi can probably do more than this however.


Yin Wi's appearances in Legend Of The Dragon.

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