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This article is about an individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.


Shadow Stallion Guardian (Tex)

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Shadow Stallion Guardian

No matter what the colour, must I must run; free

—Tex in A Horse Of A Different Colour

Tex is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Stallion, who like K Ho does not want to join forces with the emperor and seems to care about the universal balance.

Physical AppearanceEdit

When he is not powered up, Tex appears to be an English caucasian man who has long black hair that goes past his ears. He has a white shirt, a leather jacket on top and blue jeans with a belt and a golden belt buckle. He also has grey shoes.

Powered UpEdit

When empowered, Tex turns into a centaur. His stallion half appears to have grey fur and his human half has steel plate armour with a white chest plate. To empower, he must say "Empower the Shadow Stallion"