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Pig Guardian (Shoong)

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Pig Guardian

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Empower the Pig!


Shoong is the current Guardian of the Pig.

Physical Appearance Edit

He's a very tall and huge man but, like a sumo fighter, his constitution it's more muscular than fat. He usually looks very messy and careless because of his inclination to drinking and joking, but when things go serious he can turn into a very dangerous opponent due his power and strength. When his Powerband is empowered, he acquires an Ancient Chinese style armor that gives him a more menacing look and protection.

Personality Edit

Shoong is bossy and sarcastic but wise, noble, jolly, loyal, and just. He is a good bud to Master Chin. He also has a fondness for his pig pet.
Shoong the Pig Guardian

A close up.


Shoong's appearances in Legend of the Dragon.

Master Of SarcasmEdit

Ang and Xuan Chi travel to Vietnam to meet a guy named Shoong, who is a master of sarcasm and is seen by Ang and Xuan Chi as bossy until it is revealed that he is the Guardian of the Temple of the Pigs.

Thief Of PowerEdit

In this episode he's seen freeing, along with Master Chin, the former Pig Guardian Tommy from prison in order to bring him to the Temple Of Pigs to the 12 Hours Cycle of the Pig.

The Legend Of The Dragon Video GameEdit

Shoong Empowering Vid Game

Shoong Empowering in the video game.


Shoong Powering Up