Master Chin

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  • Trainer Of Future Guardians
  • Pig Guardian (Former)
Zodiac Master Woo Yin Uh oh! The Zodiac Master has attacked!

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Young Dragons, remember your oath. You can not endanger the entire world for one foolish old man.

—Master Chin – The Golden Baby-Sitter Blues

Master Chin is the former Pig Guardian and current Trainer of Future Guardians. He raised and taught Ang and Ling about the Chinese Philosophy since a young age in his Dojo, and is seen as a very fatherly figure to them.

He is skilled in fighting and often uses old proverbs to teach Ang and his friends.

He teaches Ang how to be the Golden Dragon and how to improve his skills. He is always ready for every attack. Ironically, he taught The Zodiac Master, also known as Woo Yin, before he turned evil.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Wisdom

Corrupt Detection


Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility

Nigh Cosmic Knowledge

Appearances in Legend of the DragonEdit

Trial by fire part 1 -