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Mana-Ho is the Guardian of the Horse Temple.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mana-Ho appears to be a British causcasian woman who has long blond hair that goes past her knees with cut bangs in the front. She wears a long sleeved purple shirt and darker purple pants, the ends of her shirt is dark purple like her pants. She also wears darker shoes and a belt, which resembles a horse tail. She has red lips and brown eyes. When she laughs she sounds like a horse, much like when she was fighting Xuan Chi and she neighed.


The horse power band is never seen as being empowered by Mana Ho, however, in The Last Dragon, it was empowered by The Zodiac Master along with the Ram Powerband. The changes in appearance when the band is empowered are very hard to distinguish as it was powered up along with the Ram Powerband, however, an obvious change is that the user grows hooves for feet. To empower, she must say "Empower the Horse"


Mana Ho is a very easily insulted person with a childish sense of humour. Like all Temple Guardians, she is protective of her Temple, Shrine and Powerband and constantly attempts to defend these things from any attackers. She has several horse features even in her unempowered form such as her horse laugh and her occasional neigh. Mana Ho has a British accent implying that she is somewhere from the United Kingdom (like the Shadow Stallion.)


The horse Power Band is Red with a blue gem on it.


So, the temple entrance is under the lake, no wonder no one can find their way in.

—Ang in Horse Play

Mana Ho's temple is located on an isolated island, under a lake, next to an active volcano. Because of the location of her temple, people find it very hard to detect, as noted by Master Chin and Ang. Her temple has several statues of horses scattered around it with a spiral staircase, leading to the main horse statue. Mana-Ho notes that when you enter the horse temple, you have to bypass a secret passage and the key to it is the Horse Power Band.

It is unclear how Mana Ho actually gets into her temple. Ang was swallowed by the earth and put into the horse temple but this is not the exact way to get into it.

In "Horse Play", Mana Ho's temple and band had been hijacked by Ho Syen Koo. Because of this, the balance between Ying and Yang was imbalanced, causing the lake to become scalding and the volcano to erupt and cause several earthquakes.


Mana Ho's abilities are completely unknown due to the fact that we never actually see her empowering. However, all temple guardians have several base abilities which gives us a sense of her power but we will never know the powers that are signature to her and her only.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

All temple guardians have superior strength to humans and a few have more strength than other guardians. The Zodiac Master demonstrates how the horse powerband is quite strong, when he kicks Mr. Leung into a wall causing it to crack. The horse strength is probably one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in terms of kicking as it is like this in real life.


Enhanced AgilityEdit

All temple guardians possess the ability to perform gymnastic, athletic and martial art implements with ease. The Zodiac Master demonstrates this ability when fighting Mr. Leung


Powerblast ProjectionEdit

In Double Dragon we see Mana Ho with other guardians trying to defeat the emperor with powerblasts.


Corrupt DetectionEdit

Like all other temple guardians, Mana Ho can detect if there is an evil entity in her presence.


All temple guardians possess the ability to teleport.

Horse ManipulationEdit

Mana Ho can control all horses, being the horse guardian.

Horse MimicryEdit

All Temple Guardians, at some point in their life where they have to go through the 12-hour cycle in which they turn into their specified animal for their band to rejuvenate. When Mana Ho's time comes, she will turn into a horse.

Horse PhysiologyEdit

Being the Horse guardian, Mana Ho possesses a few more powers signature to herself but unfortunately these have never been shown.

Appearances in Legend of the DragonEdit

Horse Play - Her only somewhat major appearance was in Horse Play. Her temple and Powerband were stolen by Ho Syen Koo, who changed her appearance and pretended to be the horse guardian, which led Ang to be tricked. He soon realized she wasn't the real Horse Guardian and fought Ho Syen KoMaMo. Due to this, the balance between Yin and Yang were imbalanced, which caused the volcano to erupt. The location of her temple (under the lake) made several earthquakes occur. Xuan Chi thought that Mana-Ho was an intruder, and because of this they started to fight, but were soon stopped by Master Chin, who explained to Xuan Chi that she was the Horse Guardian. She then went on to explain what happened. Mana-Ho eventually did get her Power Band back.


  • In Double Dragon we see Ming, Mana Ho, Shoong and Chow fighting the emperor, while being empowered except for Mana Ho.
  • She is one of the only 2 yang guardians who we have never seen in empowered form.
  • Along with Hye she never appears in the video game.
  • The Horse sign on the Zodiac Platform is the most accidentally misplaces sign.
Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.48.16

The Chinese Zodiac does not go "Horse, Rooster, Dog", it goes "Horse, Ram, Monkey"

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