Lo Wang
Lo Wang


Rooster Guardian

Power Band Color


Lo Wang is the guardian of the temple of the rooster

Physical Appearance Edit

When unempowered, Lo Wang wears a crimson blazer, a green shirt, beige trousers, and black boots.

When empowered, he wears a brown bodysuit, a green mouth-mask, and rooster-theme armour.

Personality Edit

As with other Guardians, Lo Wang is protective of his temple. He is talented with tactics and covert fighting. He knows when to use scientific methods such as using rubber gloves to protect hands when fighting electrical demons. He also has a sense of humour and understands how the heart gives power to the balance between yin and yang with

Trivia Edit

His character is an obvious spoof of Sean Connery, the first actor to play James Bond.


Lo Wang Powering Up.

Rooster Gaurdian (Lo Wang)

Lo Wang Powered up

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