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Rick Ungar

Legend Of The Dragon is an animated series created by Rick Ungar consisting of 26 episodes followed by 13 additional episodes for a total of 39 episodes and 2 seasons. It's genre was adventure, action, anime, drama, comedy and animation. It was aired in the US, UK and Australia, it was produced by BKN and premiered on October 2006 as part of the Jetix block on Toon Disney in the US, CBBC in the UK and Toasted TV in Australia. The original run was on July 29, 2005.

In the UK, the first 26 episodes aired across CBBC in the summer of 2005 with the other 13 episodes never airing on screen. Episodes 27–39 aired in Australia on Network Ten's Toasted TV as of March 19, 2008. The running time was 20-25 minutes each episode. The show was recorded at Tamborine Productions and is copyright of BKN International AG (2004).


Legend Of The Dragon follows the story of a young man named Ang Leung, who becomes the new Guardian Of The Temple Of The Dragon after the former Guardian's passing, his dad. Ang's twin sister, Ling, is enraged that her brother became the new Temple Guardian as she was far superior to Ang in every aspect of martial arts and in the philosophy of the Ancient Chinese Zodiac. Feeling she was cheated of what she deserved she turns to the side of Yin and attempts to steal her brother's new found Guardian powers, under the guidance of The Zodiac Master and the Powers of The Shadow Dragon Powerband.

There are 12 Temples, each devoted to an animal of The Chinese Zodiac, each with it's own Guardian and each Guardian possesses a Power Band, allowing them to transform and gain powers of their animal in times of danger. These bands function to maintain the universal balance of Yin and Yang.

Each band has a Shadow Band counterpart and those who use the shadow bands are blinded by their evil power. When the wearer of their Power band is defeated in combat, the band magically transforms to the winner and the winner can even combine new and old power bands, commonly for evil purposes.

List Of Temple Guardians and List Of Episodes.

Crew and CreditsEdit

Pre EpisodeEdit

Written by

Sean Catherine Derek

Directed by

Tom Tataranowicz

Supervising Art Director

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh


David M. Freedman

Post ThemeEdit

Created by

Rick Ungar

Supervising Producer

Tom Tataranowicz

Executive Producers

Allen Bohbot


Rick Ungar

Post EpisodeEdit

Developed by

Sean Catherine Derek & Rick Ungar

Executives for the BBC

Nikki Chaplin

Michael Carrington

Story Editor

Sean Catherine Derek


Gary Martin Alan Marriot

Larissa Murray Lucy Porter

Dan Russell Marc Silk Elly Fairman

Production Manager

Baljeet Rai

Production Coordinator

Sara Quin

Production Assistant

Susan Cassidy

Overseas Supervisor

Derek Eversfield

Recorded at

Tamborine Productions

Voice Director

Zeppo Patmore

Recording Engineer

Nick Harris

Character Design

Andrew Wildman Donn Greer


Gary Hurst

Background Design

Chris Aguirre Armando Carrillo

Mike Hodgson Ray Rankine

Prop Design

Mark Zoeller Eric Clark

Chuck Puntuvatana

Animation Pre-Production

Tom T Animation, Inc

In association with

Gang of 7 Animation

Pre-Production Producer

Tom Tataranowicz

Pre-Production Manager

Paula Comensky

Pre-Production Coordinator

Deborah Zak

Storyboard Artists

Daniel Fausett Steve Gordon

Rick Hoberg

Model Clean-Up and Storyboard Revisions

Marcos Borregales Jr. Jim Janes

Armando Carrillo Andres Nieves

Digital Background Keys

Papo De Asis Wei M. Zhao

Dennis Venizelos

Lead Color Stylist

Nancy Ulene

Color Stylist

Trish Mendelson

Timing Directors

Richard Bowman John Cataldi

Bill Hutten Kunio Shimamura

Track Slugging

Thomas Chan

Track Reading

Michael Edmonds

Lip Sync

Phillip Phillipson


Régis Camargo Mike Caracappa

Greer DuBois Mendi Menefee

Sergio Rios Donna Segal

Overseas Animation Studio

Color Chips India LTD.

Color Chips Directors

Sudhish Rambhotla

Y. Suryanarayana

Shambhoo S. Phalke

Animation Directors

Owell Hamormina

Japeth Bautista

Production Manager

Deepak Jadhav

Overseas Coordinator

Saravanan M

Layout Supervisor

Kaizar Mandal

Background Supervisor


Clean Up Supervisor

Santoshi Kumar K

Inbetween Supervisor

Sankar Jaykishan

Digital Supervisor


SPX Supervisor



Edgardo Tapia Alberto C. Serrano

Mohd. Raffique Vivek S. Nair

Ambadass Manikandan

Praveen N. Lande

Visual Post Production

Lip Sync London

Production Co-ordinator

Simon Smyth


Simon Graham


Howard Watkins Julia Blake

Gareth Tansey Angela Rose

Adrian Oostergetel

Sound Editors

Sandra Portman Justin Bryant

Foley Artist

Andrea King

Music Editors

Mark Blackledge Tim Dodd

Dubbing Mixer

Nick Harris

Music Composed by

Allen Bohbot

© Copyright 2004 by BKN International AG

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