Ho Syen Koo
Enternal Maiden

No Title


Ho Syen Koo, a spirit being also known as the Immortal Maiden. It is her task to test men of valour, and try to tempt them from their chosen path

—Master Chin in Horse Play

Ho Syen Koo, also know as Eternal Maiden, is a woman who tests male warriors to see if they are worthy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ho Syen Koo's real form is that of a witch with long grey hair, discoloured, wrinkly skin and green eyes. She wears a brown dress which is ripped along the bottom and arm section.



She was able to easily transport from place to place to confuse Ang.


By striking her foot on the floor, she caused a mini earthquake.


She posed as a young woman, pretending to be Mana Ho in order to seduce Ang.


She could navigate her way across the Horse Temple by flying.


She attempted to seduce and put Ang in a trance with eye contact and verbal commands, however, due to Ang's dragon band, she failed.