Emperor Of The Darkest Yin
Emperor Of The Darkest Yin


Former Shadow Dragon

Power Band colour

Would be Dark Blue, if it hadn't been given to Ling

Also Known As

The Emperor

The Emperor Of The Darkest Yin is the former (most likely first) Shadow Dragon and the elder brother of Yin Wi.

The Emperor was the former original owner of Shadow Dragon and is the older brother of Yin Wi, who is also one of the main villains in the show, like him. He is the number one enemy of Ang and Ling who are the Golden Dragon Twins, and he will do anything in his power to destroy them and the rest of the non-Shadow Guardians, as well as any of his own who defy him, such as K Ho and Tex.

The Emperor was restored back to life by The Zodiac Master and Ling by collecting four Power Bands (Shadow Snake, Shadow Ram, Shadow Ox and light Rooster), in the final episode of season one. He then proceeded to breathe life into his terracotta army, and told Ling to kill Ang and bring back his Power Band, only to get very angry when he found the Shadow Dragon Band had been destroyed, converted into another Golden Dragon Power Band.

Gallery Edit

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