Empower the Tiger!


Beingal is the Guardian of the Tiger.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Beingal is the barefoot Guardian of the Temple of the Tiger. She has long blue hair parted in the middle with a widows peak and wears a sleeveless orange shirt that goes down to her knees with a darker belt and blue pants.

Powered Up When she's Pow

ered Up her hair turns red, she grows tiger skin with stripes and she remains in the same clothes as before, however her blue trousers disappear. Beingal also grows significantly longer nails and toenails. To Power Up, she must say, "Empower the Tiger!"


Like other Temple Guardians, she is protective of her Temple, Shrine and Powerband and constantly attempts to defend these things from any attackers. Like Ang, she still has hope that Ling will return to Yang after she has turned into The Shadow Dragon. Beingal is tough, but also caring. She has fallen in love with Ang, and gets jealous when someone (like Hye) tries to flirt with him. Throughout the series, we get subtle hints that something is going to happen between her and Ang. Her best friends are Ang, Ling and Xuan Chi (then later in the show) K Ho as well, all under the guidance of Master Chin.


It was said in 'Cats and Dogs and Dragons' that Beingal is an ancestor of Bastet, the original tiger guardian.

Power bandEdit

Beingal's Power Band is green (as the Tiger element is wood) with a red/orange gemstone and a Tiger engraved into it.


The Temple is hidden on an island far away, deep in the jungle behind a waterfall. At night when the moon is out, the Temple is visible through the waterfall, however, regularly, this would not be the case. The Temple entrance has an open area with nothing in it, but walking further down would lead to the heart of the Tiger Temple. There are three statues of Tigers down each side of the Temple and an open hearth as well as The Tiger Gem and The Tiger Sign in Chinese on a tree. When Beingal is not at her Temple, it is guarded by her pet Tiger, Sheeral. Her Temple is scattered with trees.


Enhanced SensesEdit

Enhanced StrengthEdit

She has superior strength to humans and other Guardians as she was able to take on Ling, a very powerful Shadow Guardian. Due to this, she is considered as a higher ranking Guardian.

Enhanced AgilityEdit

It was shown that she was able to easily do numerous gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.


Like all Temple Guardians, Beingal can teleport anywhere she desires.

Powerblast ProjectionEdit

Beingal demonstrates that she can make powerblasts which she can project towards other people to knock back and harm them.

Tiger ManipulationEdit

Beingal has a pet tiger called Sheeral, which she uses to intimidate and attack enemies, a lot of the time without giving any verbal commands or gestures. It is likely that she can control tigers other than Sheeral.

Tiger MimicryEdit

All Temple Guardians, at some point in their life where they have to go through the 12 hour cycle in which they turn into their specified animal for their band to rejuvenate. When Beingal's time comes, she will turn into a tiger.

Nail ProjectionEdit

Beingal can fire her nails at enemies to temporarily stun them, it has been shown that this can be used to cut through solid concrete.

Tiger PhysiologyEdit

Most of these powers come under Tiger Physiology, Beingal can probably do more than this.


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